Vizsla Breeders

Breeders commitment to you

Buying a puppy is a huge commitment and the world of puppy buying is full of pitfalls.

Owners of Puppies/Litters advertised on this page have agreed to adhere to the following conditions-


To have tested the parents for Hip dysplasia and at least one parent is clear from Cerebellar ataxia and HUU meaning puppies cannot by physically affected.

Some owners have also voluntarily screened for the Long haired gene and elbow dysplasia but this is not a requirement.

In addition at the time of breeding their breeding dogs appear to be in good health themselves and free of things such as immune conditions,  malocclusions and epilepsy.



Bitches are aged between 2- 7 1/2 years and have had at least a 12 month gap between the birth of previous litters, they will also not have had more than four litter in their lifetime.

Puppies will not be allowed to go to their new homes before 8 weeks of age.


A Good Start

To put welfare first and ensure puppies are well reared and socialised to the best of the breeders ability.



Health test results and breeding ages and dates are checked before a breeding takes place.

Should a potential owner have any concerns that a breeder is not complying fully these can be reported to us by E-Mail