Vizsla Breeders

Some tips for first time puppy buyers.

Puppy buyers advise check list

1. Ensure both parents are kennel club registered.

2. Ensure the puppy your buying will be kennel club registered.

3. Ensure both parents are hip scored, from January 2022 both parents should also be elbow scored.

4. Ensure at least on parent is clear of cerebellar ataxia.

5.Ensure both parents are eye tested inclusive of gonioscopy

6. Enquire about further health tests such as ELCE, HUU and LH screening.

7. Ask About autoimmune conditions, allergies, temperament problems and epilepsy in the linage of the pairing it is unusual to have a vizsla that has no history at all anywhere in its pedigree breeders should be aware of what that history is and should be taking steps to make sure they are not increasing the risk.

8. Enquire about the level of inbreeding the current average for the breed is 4.7% it is recommended not exceed 12.5%.

9. Discuss cost , deposits, contracts regardless of what you choose to pay or when payments are taken everything should be laid down in black-and-white so it is clear to all concerned what is being paid and when.

10.Discuss health guarantees and procedures for health check and what happens should a puppy fail, ensure you have this in a contract form agreed by both parties.

11. Discuss socialisation and the breeders plans for this.

12. Discuss routine health care such as worm and flea preventative treatments and the breeders intended program for this.

13. Discussed with the breeder what form of puppy pack is to be taken away with your puppy to insure continuation of the correct diet avoiding disruption in the early days of going to the puppies new home

14. Be prepared for things to be a little different Covid means that breeders can’t have a stream of people in and out of their home but it doesn’t mean that communication has to be stopped nowadays technology is wonderful you can engage in FaceTime, see videos etc to feel in the loop
The breeder should have a virtual presence unless it is the first litter if it is the first litter they would’ve used a stud dog or similar of somebody else who can recommend them 
Take your time to research and ensure that you meet the breeder and see where your puppy is to be reared.

Good luck with your puppy search