Vizsla Breeders

Am I being scammed?

The pet market is unfortunately open to scams here are some tips to make sure you don't fall victim.

Finding a breeder

The best way to find a breeder is by word of mouth or through the UK Kennel Club, Hungarian Vizsla society or Hungarian Vizsla Club, be cautious of free add websites this are often the prime place to be scammed.

Checking out a breeder 

When checking out a breeder try the following-

Ask their Kennel affix and google it

Google the name

Google the number

Google the email

Use google earth to check out their address.

Alarm bells would ring if you pull up listings in multiple breeds or if you find absolutely nothing at all!

If the breeder is a first time breeder they will have used the stud dog of a more established breeder you can ask them to verify the breeder does indeed exist. 


Deposits and prices

Pay deposits in person at a visit or by BAC never pay in vouchers or post cash.

Prices and agreements

Ensure you have everything down in writing to avoid confusion here are some things that should be covered.

1. You are buying a purebred or x bred puppy

2. The puppy is/is not KC registered

3. The deposit amount

4. The balance amount

5. Any additional costing.

6. What you expect to be done/receive such as microchipping, vaccination, vet check, puppy pack.

7. Returns policy should you for any reason be unable to care for your dog.


Viewing puppies 

Covid has made viewing puppies difficult in higher tier areas but there is no reason you can not facetime a breeder.


Collecting Puppies

Puppies should be collected either by yourself or your designated shipper from the address they are born at never meet in lay-bys or garages.


Overseas Puppies and Lucys Law

Lucy’s law prevents the sale of puppies under six months of age from a third party so to simplify this you should not be buying a puppy from anybody other than the person that bred the puppy if it is under six months of age.

Lucy’s law was put in place to prevent the import of puppies from other countries where they are breeding with less stringent welfare then shipped to the UK to be sold for premium prices.

It is also to prevent UK or Irish puppy farms form breeding large quantities of dogs and passing them on for commercial sale via a third-party party.

People purchasing the dogs from the third-party will often see dogs in a family home and will be led to believe this is where these dogs have been bred.

The reality is very different they will have been bred in large-scale puppy farms where they will have lacked basic care and socialisation then imported often many days across land before arriving to the UK unfortunately the lack of socialisation in early days is very hard to replace and can have effects on the dogs future character.

In addition to this the dogs are generally bred purely with a profit margin in mind so basic things such as health testing good diet and parasite control have been minimally done if at all,  this in itself composes issues with health of the dog during its life.

Finally by purchasing such a puppy even if you purchase because you feel sorry for it not only are you promoting and illegal activity you are also lining the pockets and providing the market for this activity to carry on.

If you enquire about a puppy and find that the puppy is a illegal import please do not purchase the puppy please report your findings to Both the local council for the area that you visited the dog and the Government Animal Health Dept or trading standards.



The Puppy Contract

The puppy contract is a downloadable pdf that can be used by both puppy purchaser and breeder.