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There has been a lot of talk on social media regarding costs of puppies of any breed.
They have increased significantly since Covid 19
Prior to Covid the average cost of a well bred Vizsla puppy was £1400-£1800
Prices now seem to range from £2000-£4000 price doesn't always reflect quality in some cases.

Some possible reasons for price increases-

  • Raise in costs to the breeder , vets fees are no longer routine , food has gone up, insurance costs have increased.
  • Supply and demand there are currently more puppy buyers than puppies
  • Breeders fears that puppies can be resold if to cheap it has happened on occasion despite contracts and proper home vetting.

I would encourage people not to be fixated on cost and think more about what they are buying, things such as health, temperament, conformation and standard of rearing are more important.

​You should set yourself a budget and stick within it, if current costs are too high then consider adopting a rescue or waiting a couple of years to see if they reduce after Covid and lifestyles return to some sort of normal.

What ever you do do not compromise on quality , ethics or health
 At the time of writing (September 9th 2020)  prices published on pets for homes had the following range

  • ​Licensed breeder producing Kennel club registered puppies - NONE LISTED AT ALL
  • ​Licensed Breeder producing NON KC registered puppies- NONE LISTED AT ALL
  • NON Licensed breeders producing KC registered puppies ( no guarantee of health testing) £2000-£3000
  • Non Licensed breeders producing NON KC Registered puppies ( no guarantee of health testing) £2000-£3500
  • Cross bred vizslas £1250-£1800