Vizsla Puppies For Sale UK

Available Puppies

The following breeders have puppies available, please contact them using the details provided



Mrs C Race- Derbyshire - clare.race@sky.comhttp://www.stoopsidevizslas.co.uk


Susan -Shropshire-susan_rosie@yahoo.co.uk- 07949860309




Litters due soon

The following breeders have litters due or planned soon, Please contact them using the details provided

Miss Rachel Kirby - Nottinghamshire - www.demerrall.co.uk - demerrallvizsla@outlook.com  Due December 2018

Miss Karen Morroll - Leicestershire - patsyspad@hotmail.com - FACEBOOK PAGE    Due December 2018

Mrs J Wixey - Leicestershire - johings@hotmail.com - FACEBOOK PAGE