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Welcome to our Vizsla Breeders/ Puppy page please can we ask you to read the following information before proceeding.

This webpage is a free service which offers puppy purchases the facility to make contact with breeders known to us www.gunfieldvizsla.com who have litters planned or puppies available.

  • We do not recommend any breeder over another,  as the purchaser you should be diligent in your choices and ensure you vet breeders properly as they will inturn vet you , all breeders listed here have agreed to terms of advertising
  • We do not have input on who breeders sell their puppies too.
  • We do not control how quickly breeders respond to your enquires.
  • We do not set prices for breeders that is private matter between seller and buyer.
  • We do not set when deposits are taken or how vetting is carried out all breeders work differently.
  • In the present climate the number of enquires breeders receive can be riddiculous including people telephoning at 11.30pm at night for that reason many breeders choose to make initial contact by email only,  you can then arrange a mutually suitable time to chat on the phone if appropiate.

Breeders listed agree that they conform to the recommendations laid out by the UK Kennel Club-

  • Mothers must be aged between 2-8 years at the birth of her litter.
  • Mother and father must both be hip scored.
  • From July 2021 it will also be mandatory to eye test for Glaucoma at grade 0-2
  • From January 2022 elbow scoring and full eye test will be mandatory
  • Mother must not have given birth within the previous 12 months.
  • Mother must have no more than four litters in her lifetime.
  • Puppies must be registered with the UK Kennel Club.

If you believe a breeder is not compliant you may report it to us by email